How to setup PHP Symfony2 development environment with Netbeans 8.2 WAMP Windows 7

Symfony2 is a popular php based web application framework. If you are developer trying to setup your symfony2 dev environment in your Windows 7 development machine and looking for instructions to how? Then here are the steps –

What you require? Download the following and keep them handy.

  1. Netbeans 8.2 for PHP (  Download from official site – X64, Download from official site – X86  )
  2. WAMP 3.0.6 ( Download from official site  – X64, Download from official site  – X86  )
  3. Symfony2 Version – 2.8  LTS – Long Term Support ( Download from official site – Follow their instructions )

Step 1:

  1. Install the Netbeans as an application by clicking the .exe file you just downloaded.
  2. Install the WAMP as an service by clicking the .exe file you just downloaded.



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