Sprig – School Management with Data Analytics

We are glad to have introduced our product   Sprig – A School Management System on July 1 2016 .  You might be thinking -aah do we need another school management?  – Let me be frank – before taking up this initiative we wanted to see how many similar software services have been currently available in the market. To our surprise it was quite a humongous number when we googled for ‘School Management System’. We then wanted to narrow down or classify the available software and find any missing links.

While few of them are very good, rest are either inadequate to meet the general requirements of a school such as Fees Payment management or clumsy outdated technology that reflects even in the poor UI/UX designs.

Here is the list of things we noted down in our market research. Please note that our target locations were : Guntur, Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

  1. Management is looking for a simple application to send just a mobile SMS regarding pupil’s attendance or announcements or fee payment transaction updates
  2. Management is not at all interested in their educational institution’s online presence. For example – Not interested in a website



— to be continued




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