Selenium – setup and installation of Selenium RC with Eclipse

Some pre-requisites for using selenium are Java, Eclipse, Selenium

Installation of Java

Go to Oracle website,choose java standard edition development kit in downloads page and accept the license agreement and choose version number and click download .

Run the downloaded installer (it installs both JDK and JRE by default) and the folders will be saved in C:\ProgramFiles\Java\jdk and jre.

Include jdk’s bin directory in PATH.


My computer –> properties –> Environmental Variables.
Create a variable or search with variable name “PATH”
Variable name : PATH
Variable value : c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_xx\bin;

Download and Configure Eclipse

Go to download page and download file supported by your OS.

Unzip the file and save it in a drive. Go to that folder and click on the file eclipse.exe. Choose a worplace to store your projects and click OK.

setup and installation of Selenium

Go to selenium download page.

download the latest version of Selenium Standalone server and selenium java. Unzip the file and save them in your drive.

Go to Eclipse download page.

Download the Eclipse file and unzip the file in your drive.  Go to eclipse.exe and run the application.

Set a work space to save your code.

Add Selenium jar files  to the java build path.


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