Seo Introduction: Seo Search Engine optimisation is all about how effectively make use of your digital resources. Goals are to increase users/audience to your website(Product/Service), many steps need to be followed and it is not a one-time process, constant and continuous changes may yield good results. Each time you make some changes it is also very important to check the results whether it could bring expected results or not. Seo always moves with new evolving technologies with innovative techniques. First and prior most step is to improve your online presence is think about few basics inviting bot website readable ex: Googlebot (A robot which crawl in your site by moving from one page to another page like a spider). Other things  are keywords, Sitemap, Headers, Location, Readable and worthy content.

Why do I concentrate towards Online Presence?

How would someone know about your services/products? It is that users spend their time being online through social media, also user search starts with some keyword. Often describe  your services and make   new updates available for users online (content marketing). The spiders or crawlers of search engines till now renewed their intelligence in ranking and analysing. (Parameters are unknown and do change their ways to improve factors like… time to load a page, spent time by a user on each page, how many user requests ended searching here, the possible number of links that redirected to this page, location of the users, etc…

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