Off-Page Optimization Techniques in Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page Optimization(OPO) is the Technique to Improve the Search Engine Rankings for our Keywords.These Techniques used to Build Backlinks on the Other Websites.OPO is a longterm process and it must be need to do regularly.All The Off-Page Strategies done in Offsite only (nothing to do in code modifications, Complete based on Promotional part) and It is no visible on Website.

According to Google Algorithm Penta 4.0 describes, On-Page Optimization have 35% of Responsibility to get top rank in Search, Remainig 65% of the Importence having Off-Page Optimization Strategies.But Off-Page optimization is success for those sites, Perfectly following On-Page Optimization.Then only Off-Page Optimization process will be success and get top Position in Search Engine.


For Developing Backings to Website Through 7 Methods

Directory Submission
Article Submission
Press Releases
Social Bookmarking
Blog Commenting
Profile Creation

High Quality Backlinks and targetting Traffic is possible by following all these 7 methods.In The Eyes of Search Engines links Through the above 7 Methods are genuine and natural so, before you start developing links from various other methods see that your have already done throught these methods of developing ins to avoid spam in Eyes of Search Engine.All the 7 methods should be done in parallel or serial.


One of the important procedure for building backlinks to your website is Submitting the website to a Link Directory, Which Organizes different websites based on Category.Few Directories free and others offer paid subscriptions.Whenever Submitting the website to Directories, make sure that the link directory has a High Page Rank.Directory Websites are like yellow page, These Directories bring Quality links as Websites are Categorised here.It also brings targeted traffic.Atleast 5 directory submissions is recommended daily for getting quality link building.You have to sing-up in each of the directory before submitting the website.

NOTE:- Do not Submit the same page in a single directory more than one time.But You can submit Multiple or Different Pages to the same directory.Always give the category name related to your web content because this is where all your competitors websites are also listed which adds to the quality of Website’s backlink.The backlinks developed do not show for your website immediately as you start building but takes an indefinite period of time right from a day to 3 months all depending upon when the google robots visit to the site from where you get the backlinks.Pikestewards provides you some organic list of Directory Submission websites list for download free.


Web sites are used to provide a small story (generally 200-300 words) in relation to your website / web page. These article sites this way indirectly create pages within their site on a different topic and users benefit because they get free quality one-way back and, of course, a customized page in their site that can also perform well in search engines to give us traffic.

In general, most websites accept the theme of the HTML code in the site description, and this is where we put the back link code.

It is advisable not to post the same article in more than one site and make sure that you do not just blindly copy your page information and paste it into article sites, this can create an impression of ‘spam’ in the eyes of Google and it can block your site sooner.

For a better ranking of the article page published in the search engine see that the keyword density is maintained and include the same in the title and author of the article site if at all they have.

It is advisable to publish atlist 5 articles daily to add link juice from your website.

It generally takes 1-7 days to get backlinks from article sites.

You can add up to 2 backlinks per article for better work.


Press release sites refer to news distribution sites. As the name goes, in the press sites we offer our RSS feeds or articles to them, they will in turn pass these articles to different sites that relate to news, current affairs and online information centres.With just one successful journalist you can expect many backlinks at the same time popular. If you ever find your site information interesting you can find the same in printed (printed) magazines.There are not many press sites on the Internet but from the list there is no limit to providing information to them.It is ideal to provide 2 daily press releases to add to the juice link from your website.

Always try to send RSS feeds wherever possible, because these feeds are all of your web pages and the content is also automatically updated at the end of users. Adds to the popularity of your website.Make sure that when you send RSS feeds to your site to press releases, you do not submit anything else to the site itself after that. RSS stands for a really simple post.RSS feeds carry duplicate version of your website with updations in real time automatically.

A user if you do not have a website to consume RSS feeds then he can also subscribe to the same through e-mail so, whenever new content is added or the old content is updated in the source, the RSS feeds are automatically sent to consumers.Generally RSS feeds are .html and .XML files that use real-time stock quotes, weather data, gold goods, real-time prices, live cricket scores, live news, live radio, live TV channels, data newspapers, etc.


A social networking service is an online service, platform or site that focuses on building social networks or interpersonal relationships, such as sharing interests and / or activities.The social network service consists primarily of representation of each user (often a profile), social connections, and a variety of additional services. Most social networking services on the Internet provide ways for users to interact over the Internet, such as email and instant messaging.Online community services are sometimes a social network service, but in a broader sense, social networking is usually a people-centered service, while online community services are community-centered. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks.

The main types of social networking services are those that contain class locations (such as the previous school year or co-workers), communication with friends (usually with self-described pages) and a trust-based recommendation system. Popular styles now combine many of these, with Facebook and Twitter LinkedIn widely used all over the world.

The best places to place social bookmarking and keep these codes in your blog are:

Send back links to 50 social networking sites daily.

All background messages submitted to these sites are approved immediately and within 3 days of submission you can expect backlinks in your account.It is said that of 7 ways, social networking sites have gotten the highest PR, one can expect very good traffic from these sites, it directly increases the popularity of your site. You can submit more than 1 pk to each of this site, as you can add up 2 backlinks in one social bookmarking submission, at some sites, you can get a customized page on their website.

Note: – The submission process varies for each social networking site.

When you submit for the first time, you’ll only need to sign up after signing in and start providing as many links as possible.It is recommended to add popular social networks and bookmarks to each of your blog pages, and this increases the popularity of Bloglines by your website readers themselves.In OnWire Services you can also send your RSS feeds.


If you are looking to make better backlinks for your website posting on forums is a reliable, interesting and easy way to do it. You can now use Forum posts to increase traffic and improve the visibility of backlinks. Forums posting is an interesting off-page SEO technique that not only helps you to increase web traffic but also increase your website links as well. Message boards, discussion groups, discussion boards, discussion forums, billboards, etc. generally include forums. These forums serve as a good platform to connect with others in the same areas as well as increase your awareness of the growing market. One can easily seek guidance from experts in these forums. A large number of good community forums exist on the Internet, and these can help you to easily learn and discuss many new things.


Blog comment is a basic procedure for interaction between bloggers, bloggers, and blog readers. This is a procedure where visitors or blog readers leave a comment on a blog post or article, respond to readers ‘comments, answer the author himself, or respond to visitors’ questions and comments. Comment blog is a good way to share ideas and opinions about a particular topic written as a blog blog.


Profile creation is one of the off page technique which is used for link building.It is a way to create a visibility and tell to others about your profile and your services. It also helps to boost your search engine ranking and getting more traffic.

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